DALLAS (KDAF) — El Carlos Elegante is the newest restaurant to hit Dallas’ Design District, and it is generating quite a buzz in the community.

Luckily for you, we’re going to show you why everybody is talking about this fantastic brand-new spot.

“We bought this building a little over two years ago, and we wanted to do something in Dallas with Mexican cuisine that wasn’t being done,” Chas Martin, owner of El Carlos Elegante, said.

This is Texas, so of course we are known for great Mexican food. But how does one introduce a spin on this classic cuisine?

“I think that there are so many great interpretations of Mexican food in Texas. We wanted to lean Mexican-inspired rather than Texas-inspired,” Chas said. “We’re pulling inspiration from Peru, Mexico City, Argentina, all over the place, and we wanted to do it in a very warm and somewhat old-school environment.”

The result is an explosion of delicious Mexican flavors with an assortment of wine pairings.

Fun on the Run host Yolonda Williams took a trip down to El Carlos Elegante to see how they make their food. Watch the video player above to see her full tour.

El Carlos Elegante is located at 1400 North Riverfront Blvd. Learn more about this spot, including how to make a reservation, by clicking here.