DALLAS (KDAF) — As you have probably heard, North Texas is full of rich history, dating back years and years.

One iconic landmark in North Texas is the historic Hilton Fort Worth. It was originally built as the Hotel Texas in the early 1920s.

President John F. Kennedy famously spent his last night alive in Hilton Fort Worth. However, according to hotel officials, he did not stay in the presidential suite, rather he stayed on the eighth floor.

The reason that he stayed there and not in the Presidential Suite on the 15th floor, is that the fire department was concerned that they didn’t have any ladder trucks that went above the eighth floor. So, the Secret Service was insistent that he stay in a place where the fire department could get to them get to him in case there was a fire.

The presidential suite encompasses multiple rooms spanning 2,000 square feet. It is now decorated in his honor. There is also a memorial to President JFK located just outside of the hotel.

Hilton Fort Worth is located right across the street from the convention center, which is now called the Fort Worth Convention Center. When President JFK was staying at the Hilton Fort Worth, it was called the Tarrant County Convention Center.

Other celebrities that have stayed at Hilton Fort Worth include:

  • Governor Greg Abbott
  • Former President Donald Trump
  • Elvis Presley

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