DALLAS (KDAF) — Many call Downtown Grapevine the Christmas Capital of Texas and what better place to take your family holiday pictures than that?

But what if you want to take this year’s Christmas photos at home instead? Well, before you do that, there are some important things to know that will make those photos pop.

Laura Kellerman is a photographer whose work can also be seen on the popular Instagram account The Grapevine Edit.

Of course, she does the pro pics all day long, but she’s giving us some tips on how we can do them ourselves.

Tip 1: Really pay attention to your background

You want to think about the whole angle. You might have a beautiful Christmas tree, but if you’re trying to take a Christmas card photo, and you can see the dryer or the oven behind it, it might not look so great on the Christmas card.

Think about setting up some rugs, blankets, pillows, and chairs in the background just for the photo. You can put them back when you’re finished.

Tip 2: Leave the lights on the Christmas tree turned on for the photo

What about the lights on the tree? Should we leave those on? Turn them off for the picture? Definitely leave them on. Just don’t rely on them to light your subject at all. You’re gonna want to use a window light or an overhead light or something.

To learn more about Laura Kellerman’s work by clicking here.