THE PRIDHAM FAMILY SPONSORED CONTENT — In today’s Buy the Book, we’re chatting about bringing the world of inventors and inventions to kids through a new book series called, If Not You, Then Who? written by David and Emberli Pridham.

They joined Inside DFW to talk about their book.

Why have you decided to reach out to children and to kiddos with a book specifically about invention?

Our books are about inventions, and how they’re used in everyday lives. Our core message aims to teach children about inventions and to inspire our children to create their own.

Talk about your If Not You, Then Who book series. What are the books about? What’s the core message and relate to kids?

Right now, we have a holiday book about family and the holidays. Part of the story is about family traditions and how they come about and how important they are. The other half is about inventions and how they’re used, and in this case for Christmas.

I’ve got to hear about this, this Christmas book in the series. Tell us all about it and what we can expect.

At the core, our books are about the concept of innovation and kids owning their ideas. We are empowered by the fact that, in this country, kids own what they create their intellectual property. Really everywhere in the fabric of our country comes this concept of inventing even the holidays. We wrote about some of our family traditions over the holidays and some of the great inventions that help us celebrate everything from lights on the Christmas tree to decorations.

You also launched this website called the young inventors club. Describe it for us, what can people experience there on the site?

We speak to kids all the time in classrooms. When we do, kids love the books, but they always say, ‘What more can we do to participate and to be part of this?’ That led us to create the Young Inventors Club, which is a global forum of young children who were inventing are creators, who were able to get their ideas peer-reviewed. The inventors club is free to join. Kids are invited to submit to monthly challenges, submit their inventions. We also have this sort of global inventor showcase going on right now where kids are competing to win some pretty great prizes.