DALLAS (KDAF) — Cleaning your ears has always been a strange process whether you try something at home or professionally. But there’s a claim that a candle can help pull the wax straight up out of your ears.

Don’t believe us? Well, Inside DFW went to Stone International Wellness Center in Plano to get the inside scoop on what’s known as ear candling.

This is known as an ear detox. It’s actually been around for thousands of years but is a growing trend lately. The practitioner claims it can help with allergies. The visuals are astounding and bizarre. 

We tried it and yes, indeed, they got decades’ worth of wax and pollen out of our ears!

Quynh Chau (QC) Stone claims it is safe for babies and adults to use. She suggests getting it done by a professional quarterly to keep allergies at bay and ears cleaned out. Be sure to watch the video players above to see how it all comes out.