DALLAS (KDAF) — From the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s, Galleria Dallas is showing us the styles that are making a comeback. What goes around comes around and everything old is new again.

We’re here at Galleria Dallas to show you how decades past are inspiring fashion today.

The 1970s

The 1970s are definitely making a comeback in the world of fashion. So give groovy with a look like this one from Altar’d State.

It features one of the season’s hottest trends and that is crochet. I love this halter top with the rainbow detail perfect for spring and summer.

Of course, no 70s-inspired look is complete without a great pair of bell bottoms. The dark wash on these and the belt at the waist just add that extra detail making it perfect for the season.

You can’t forget the platform shoes. These Dolce Vita slides from Nordstrom are the perfect neutral shoe to elevate almost any spring look 70s style fashions like those made an impact then and are making an even bigger statement.

The 1980s

The next decade that’s bringing fashion back is the 80s and this look from Nordstrom is a perfect example of how 80s fashion can work today.

Details like rusching on this shirt are one way to bring that decade back and also bold shoulder detail.

These barrel jeans by Madewell are a perfect example of how a mom gene from the 80s works perfectly in 2022.

Don’t forget about those 80s-inspired accessories. Neon colors like these loose-sight sunglasses and the bright pink of these geometric earrings are a perfect nod to the 80s.

No look from this decade would be complete without a pointy-toed pump and these BP shoes from Nordstrom with such detail are perfect.

So if you’re feeling totally rad choose a look like this one from Nordstrom.

The 1990s

90s vibes are back in a big way this season, whether you choose a sleek minimal look or a relaxed vibe like this look from the GAP.

It features one of the biggest trends for this season which is oversized shirting. I love this striped shirt with different size stripes and we’ve paired that with a traditional straight-leg jean.

Top off this luck with a solid color ball cap and you’ll be looking sick for the next season.

The 2000s

One of the biggest overriding fashion trends of this season is inspired by early to mid-2000 style.

Y2K Fashion is back in a big way and this was from Zara just proves how stylish it can be.

Midriff baring styles are all the rage so we’ve chosen a cropped fitted tank and layered over that one of the biggest 2000s trends the scarf top.

We’ve actually just taken a scarf and tied it around the bus for a stylish talk. Love them or hate them, low rise jeans are back in a big way this season.

Choose an oversized baggy pair like these from Zara that just sit to hipbones. Paired with a platform style this luck comes from the 2000s to today.

No matter which decade fits your vibe, take inspiration from decades past with these looks from Galleria Dallas.