DALLAS (KDAF) — You may not be able to take that much-desired vacation at the moment, but your taste buds sure can.

One North Texas coffee shop is serving up flavors from all over the world and for this tasty journey, every seat is a window seat.

That may have given it away but despite staying in North Texas, CW33 reporter Stephanie Mendez was transported to another country through the delicious coffee found at Window Seat Coffee in Dallas.

Of course, the name Window Seat Coffee is a fun play on words but also perfectly captures the spirit of starting a new journey and the association between coffee and travel.

Much like many origin stories of thriving small businesses, Window Seat Coffee has its roots in the spirit of embarking on a new journey.

According to store officials, the founders of Window Seat Coffee started in public accounting. After working in a cubicle, they decided that they wanted to get out of the office and start anew eventually leading them to the coffee world.

The rest is history.

Watch the video player above as Stephanie Mendez shows us the ins and outs of Window Seat Coffee.

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