DALLAS (KDAF) — Verified or denied? Inside DFW with Jenny Anchondo explores the inner works of the internet to find some cool hacks that people boast about and swear by.

This time, we’re checking out a food hack from Kacie Barnes, a registered dietitian and popular Dallas blogger; Barnes has a hack to make a mango flower.

We of course put our food hack skills to the test and learned to see just how this hack works and to see if it’s verified or denied.

In an Instagram post, Barnes gave a walk-through on how to perfect the mango flower, “Mind blown 🤯 when I realized it was this easy…I used to just hack away at the mango and get annoyed every time my knife hit the pit. I hope this helps make mangos easier in your house (or maybe you’re a pro and already have been doing it like this 👏)!”