DALLAS (KDAF) — Cinnaholic is a gourmet bakery specializing in hand-made, custom cinnamon rolls. This Richardson food spot is the brainchild of the mother-daughter duo and co-owners Kristine and Rachel Baugh.

What makes this spot different than other bakeries? All of their products also happen to be vegan! They can also accommodate gluten and nut allergies so it’s a great, fun option for somebody with dietary restrictions. The plant-based bakery also has cookie cakes, soft serve, coffee and parfaits!

“I have been vegan for probably almost 40 years now. I realized what was on my plate and decided that I needed to make a lifestyle change in order to match my ethics with my diet,” Kristine said.

Though veganism is an ethical decision for Kristine, for many it is out of dietary necessity, which makes options like Cinnaholic vital for them.

“All the ingredients that we have are 100% plant-based, we’re very careful about the ingredients that we choose, for our toppings for our rolls, for cookies, everything that we make. We can also cater to people who have nut allergies, strawberry allergies,” Kristine said.

Popular perception then takes over. People begin to say, ‘This must be too good to be true. It obviously doesn’t taste like the real thing.’ We are here to put that stereotype to rest. At Cinnaholic, it tastes like the real deal.

“The funny thing is most of our customers don’t even realize that we are vegan,” Kristine said.

Well it is vegan and it is delicious. To try your hand at these delicious creations, click here.