DALLAS (KDAF) — We’re finding that veterans are taking their experiences and paying it forward in one way or another.

CW33 reporter Stephanie Mendez met one veteran who found the perfect hobby to cancel out the noise of the world.

“Veteran owned and operated” is such a special thing to hear, especially when the business is local. CW33 talked to one local vet who turned his experiences into passion, and showed Stephanie some self defense moves along the way.

“The reason why I started 144 Academy [relates to my background] in the military for nine years. I’ve been trained in martial arts since I was five years old. I started like any kid, which was in Taekwondo, from five to like 12. [I was training] every day, Monday through Friday,” Jairo Bautista, owner of 144 Academy, said.

Bautista says from then, he learned tons of different fighting forms, including boxing, jujitsu, MMA, judo, wrestling, and more.

“I just fell in love more with the martial arts,” Bautista said.

His courses reflect his diverse training experience, as Bautista says he trains women in all forms of martial arts, like boxing kickboxing, and mixed martial arts.

For someone who isn’t confrontational, this can sound like an intimidating environment to be in; however, Bautista says that all are welcome at 144 Academy.

“One thing you can expect from us is a welcoming environment. We do welcome you. We have a lot of people in here that are also veterans as well. The environment I tried to build in here is I would welcome you. But on top of that, leave your ego outside, we come here to have a good time, but we also train hard,” Bautista said.

Of course, without discomfort and adversity, you can’t grow. So, Bautista says to be prepared to grow and work through discomfort.

“Our goal is to push it to the limits and make you comfortable in uncomfortable situations. My biggest philosophy is that people come in here and I push them to the limits. My goal is to hope that you never need to use these techniques in a real scenario. But I’d rather you know it and then never use it rather than you not knowing it and that situation comes mean you have to use it,” Bautista said.

If that all sounds like something enticing to you, you can learn more about 144 Academy by clicking here.