DALLAS (KDAF) — What’s a road trip without one of those unique stops along the way?

Hilltop Storage Solutions is a lot of things. Sure, you could store your RV in the back. While it stays there, you could pick up a sushi burrito, or pick up a grill. If you like this place enough, you can even catch a stay at their Airbnb right upstairs.

But one of the best things about this North Texas hidden gem is how much they take care of you.

“We have a solution for anything that you can think of. If you have a need for storage, we’ve got plenty of space. If you’re looking to eat, we’ve got plenty to eat. I’ll put you on with my plumber. If you’ve got a blinking light in the backyard, I’ll give you my electrician’s phone number,” Trouper Arnold, owner of Hilltop Storage Solutions, said.

An RV stop that takes care of your every need is a great concept. But how did this get started?

“So we started with storage, traveling the country with my dad’s 18 Wheeler, the ultimate smoker and grill. We were trying to assess what would be the best draw. What would give us another element to our storage and so we tried to stick with an outdoor theme and something that we’ve known very well which is food. So the grill shop was born,” Arnold said.

Now, this spot does indeed serve some great barbeque but did you know that they also serve great sushi here?

“Sushi Dojo has a spot in Southlake, but this is a ghost kitchen forum. So all of our new neighbors out here can order local foods, and pick it up within 10 minutes of their house.
But you can even order 30 minutes, 15 minutes ahead of time, just from your phone. Just come up to the window and scan the QR code,” Arnold said.

Of course, no great road trip is complete without something sweet to enjoy.

“She’s been in the chocolate industry 15 plus years, she worked with Dove Chocolate for a long time. And she decided to go out on her own just wanted that retail front to where she could show people. The classes [we provide] were really important to her to be able to pass on that true craftsmanship of the desserts and the chocolates and everything. Now it’s been here for a year now. It’s been a great addition,” Arnold said.

Maybe you want an excuse to come out here aside from a road trip? Well, they’ve got you covered for that too.

“Our most recent add-on was the Airbnb and that was always a shared space for us as a family. We use it originally as more of a media room to slash people at the house. No need for the space up there. And in these areas here, all these new neighborhoods, there’s limited rentals available and so people who are coming to travel or just see friends and family for the weekend. It was just something that I figured would be a good addition for a crash pad essentially, but it’s actually turned out to be more of event space for all the neighbors here,” Arnold said.

Included in the Airbnb are:

  • A competition pool table
  • Shuffleboard table
  • Pool
  • Wraparound bar with kitchenette
  • Flat screen TVs

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