DALLAS (KDAF) — We’re will all of you when we say ‘we could use a little lost getaway.’ Lucky for North Texas, we’ve got a taste of Tulum, and it’s just a short drive away.

It’s called Hugo’s Lost Colony and it’s located in Highland Village. Equipped with a restaurant and full bar, this North Texas spot’s motto is “Escape the Everday.”

“We want you to come and experience different atmospheres and different environments in the same restaurant,” Hugo Miranda, co-owner of Hugo’s Lost Colony, said.

From top to bottom, this North Texas bar is filled with plants and all sorts of greenery, to really make you feel like you are in a completely different country. According to Hugo, the inspiration for the interior design was based on Tulum.

“Every area in Tulum is very greenish. They do everything outdoors. [They cook in a] kitchen outdoors. [They] sit outdoors. [They even] sleep outdoors actually,” Hugo said. “We tried to bring that to Dallas. Where you can just come in and be inside but feel like you’re outside.”

After you get a cocktail from Bar Tulum, you can head to the main dining area, called The Canopy for some delicious food.

“We call ourselves Tex Mex cuisine,” Natalio Charles, executive chef at Hugo’s Lost Colony, said. “People come in looking for fajitas, quesadillas, burritos, crispy tacos.”

With margaritas, dishes and desserts like these, the only thing they’re missing from Tulum is the sand and reporter Landon Wexler says he thinks Hugo is working on that.

Hugo has three locations throughout the Metroplex. To learn about your local location and the food they have, click here.