DALLAS (KDAF) — What if we told you there was a one-stop shop for all of your beauty needs right here in North Texas?

We are all about women empowering women, and this spot here in Oak Cliff is doing just that. They’re empowering women entrepreneurs and ensuring their customers leave The Bloom Space feeling absolutely confident. Let’s dive into The Bloom Space.

It all started with one woman who travel to the United States in the hopes of finding prosperity and success.

“My mother was an immigrant here in the states. She found a lot of upward mobility through the beauty industry. She worked three jobs and went back to school. Then when she finally got through beauty school, she found a really great job, became independent and found a lot of success within the beauty industry, which was what allowed her to be able to essentially allow us to go to college, us to be able to grow,” Victoria Leiato, operations manager of The Bloom Space, said.

With the uplifting story of all her mother had accomplished thanks to the beauty industry, Victoria says she wanted to pay it forward to the next generation of women entrepreneurs.

“There are so many opportunities that we have, because of the beauty industry. I am just so grateful for it. The way that I pay that forward is that I now have my beauty salon incubator, which essentially helps a lot of women-owned businesses do the exact same thing my mother was able to do for our family,” Victoria said.

Here’s how her incubator, The Bloom Space, works. They give women entrepreneurs the resources and education they need that will allow them to grow and succeed in their businesses. Resources include:

  • Hair services
  • Extension
  • Colors
  • Haircuts for women (and some men too)
  • Nail services
  • Teeth whitenings

“It feels like a true purpose being fulfilled. Because I love helping people. I love being able to help women grow their businesses. It’s so great to be able to be doing what I felt like I was put on this Earth to do, which is setting up a spotlight to then allow other women to shine and do what they’re meant to do,” Victoria said.

For Victoria, the true “beauty” of the industry is not just the amazing haircuts, wardrobe and accessories; it is about the people you meet and the connections you make with those in your community.

“It’s also about the relationships and the people in the community that come consistently; to keep coming and get their services and the relationships that they build with their beauty professional. It’s really beautiful to see those relationships also exist here. It’s communal, it’s relational, but it’s also a vibe,” Victoria said.

The Bloom Space is 938 W Page Ave Suite 110, Dallas, TX 75208. Learn more about them here.