IMAGE 4 LIVES SPONSORED CONTENT — Across the nation, there are tons of nonprofit organizations doing good in their communities. Today, Inside DFW highlighted one nonprofit that is helping former inmates.

Image 4 Lives is a nonprofit with the goal of helping inmates and former inmates re-acclimate into society.

“Image 4 Lives is an acronym that stands for the inmate movement against gang evolution. I founded the program. I was sentenced, unfortunately, I served 11 consecutive years for nonviolent drug convictions in Des Moines, Iowa,” Robert Pate, Image 4 Lives founder, said.

The program was started by a man who had experienced the U.S. prison system and understood the system inequities and hardship present in our country.

“The image program was built on biblical principles. And we talk about the things that go undetected, such as the 13th Amendment. How slavery was abolished, except for in prison, and the effects that has on the community,” Pate said.

As the program continues to nourish and blossom, officials explore new avenues and technologies to reach more people, including podcasting.

“[Podcasting is] something that we started out with a radio show 98.3 The Vibe in Des Moines, Iowa, and then it continued to grow. Now we have a podcast where we get into some very, very deep, deep discussions; [including] the whole foundation of Image 4 Lives and how it started through prison and with the inspiration of TD Jakes and Bishop TD Jakes and Myles Munroe,” Pate said.

Watch the full interview with Pate and Bill Gulling in the video player above.

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