DALLAS (KDAF) — We like to highlight nonprofits as often as possible on this show. Inside DFW host Jenny Anchondo is shining a light on Babyquest which helps to fulfill the dream of parenthood for people who are struggling to have a child.

Says say one in eight couples will have some sort of struggle getting pregnant and assisted reproduction is really out of the question for a lot of people because of the cost, with some procedures costing thousands of dollars out of pocket.

Here’s where Babyquest comes in. Babyquest awards grants for people trying to build a family and Kendall Goldberg is a Babyquest grant recipient and native Texan.

Here is her interview with Jenny Anchondo about how Babyquest helped change her life.

I would love for you to share your fertility journey, you know, how you ended up in this place?

I’m single by choice. I’m a career woman. I wanted to make sure I was mentally, physically, and financially stable and ready for a child and a man was not in the picture but that’s okay. That’s why we have science. I’m 37 years old. So, you know, going into this, I tried it naturally was science help. And that didn’t work. So IVF was my only option. But even on a single income, as good as my job is financially, I don’t have $15 thousand just saved away for things like that. I googled and found Babyquest.

How did that go for you?

It was so easy. Once I found a couple of grants, I just applied online. I wrote my life story. Part of this was being vulnerable to talk about it, because it’s, there’s such a stigma. There’s a shame, I felt shameful. My body didn’t work for me. But I just wrote out why I wanted to be a mom so badly. That was what was missing in my life. I just sent in a letter, pleaded my case, and gave some pictures, mostly of my family, my eight-year-old little niece, who’s alive in my life. Then I did a few interviews and magically was picked.

What are your hopes for the future?

My hope is to be a mom and raise a kid who knows their story. Whether you know people who adopt or do surrogacy or embryo donation, knowing the story and where they came from, also helps break the stigma.

Learn more about Babyquest by clicking here.