Download the Lumin Fitness App and use code: CW33 at checkout for a free 7-day trial

DALLAS (KDAF) — Lumin Fitness in Las Colinas is one of the smartest fitness studios you’ll ever come across.

Imagine a fitness experience where you can follow along a “reflection” like screen with a fully personalized experience. That is what Lumin Fitness is offering.

From the moment you walk in, everything you need is at the palm of your hands on your phone. You get to decide how you want to workout and what you want to workout to. You can check in on your phone which helps eliminate those few minutes before a workout class needed to fill out extra information. From there, you will head to your assigned station and grab equipment needed for that specific workout. You will attach your phone to a bike and can continue to personalize your experience even throughout your workout..

CEO and Co-Founder, Brandon Bean, was the CEO at Gold’s Gym before he found that technology could be utilized in a fitness space like never before. He said that each member can take the workout as easy or as hard as they’d like.

Watch the segment above for a visual of what a class looks like!

Download the Lumin Fitness App from the App Store and Google Play and use code CW33 at checkout for a free 7-day trial. For more information, visit their website.