DALLAS (KDAF) — Whether you’re into pottery or ceramics, there’s not a wide variety of ceramic studios in the DFW area. Stephanie Mendez is in McKinney to talk to the CEOs of Glaze Ceramic Studio.

“Adam and I have always wanted to start a business, and we’re both into art. He has been a ceramics professor in the past. He’s got a lot of experience in a studio and teaching ceramics. He’s also managed and run studios before. I’m actually a speech therapist in the schools, but I’ve always had a passion for art. It just kind of came together and worked out that we were able to open the studio together and kind of follow our dreams,” Angie Knoche, co-owner of Glaze Ceramic Studio, said.

Of course, from a business perspective, Adam and Angie Knoche wanted to fill a niche that wasn’t addressed yet, but art is more than a business. Art is about getting closer to yourself and making connections with the people in your community.

“One of the big reasons we wanted to start a studio was not only our passion for art but also for building a community of like-minded people,” Adam Knoche, co-owner of Glaze Ceramic Studio, said.

“We want to be somewhere that people can come and have fun with their friends, meet new people, kind of bounce ideas off other creative individuals and learn some new skills,” Angie said.

Glaze Ceramic Studio isn’t just a fun date night idea. It truly builds itself around being a place to grow in your craft and as an artist in general.

“It’s a place to kind of learn and grow as an artist too. A lot of people come in and they kind of think that, you know, it’s really difficult. They’re not artistic. It’s a crafty material, medium. So you come in here and just work and be around other people who are also creating, it really just kind of makes this really interesting environment to work in,” Adam said.

The studio is located at 610 Elm Street Suite 1450 in McKinney. They offer courses throughout the week from Monday to Saturday.

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