DALLAS (KDAF) — On Dallas’s west end, Wild Bill’s Western Store has been a staple for over a decade while Wild Bill has been crafting boots for over half a century and has brought in celebrities like Kevin Hart, Chuck Norris, Ice Cube, Eric Clapton and more

“People ask me what you can make a boot out of. I tell them anything that wiggles, walks or crawls or is slower than my bootmaker. So if you can catch it, you can put it on your foot,” ‘Wild Bill’ Dewbre, owner of Wild Bill’s Western Wear, said.

At Wild Bill’s Western Store, customers can customize their perfect boots with their favorite skins.

It’s not just a look or a vibe.

“It’s really a place and time that they’re experiencing. It’s not just the hats or the boots. It’s an experience,” Dewbre said. “Authentic wear like boots and hats and – it changes a person’s personality sometimes. When they put a pair of boots on and a hat. It makes them walk a little differently.”

‘Wild Bill’ Dewbre has been on Dallas’s historic west end for years now but grew up making boots – now, he’s an encyclopedia and a supplier of top-quality western wear.

“There’s so many different boots that have different personalities,” Wild Bill Dewbre said.

“There’s so many different boots that have different personalities. Like a kangaroo boot would be very soft and it’s a skin that they made ball gloves out of because it’s so durable,” Dewbre said. “You can get ostrich boots that are extremely soft. I mean, they’re like house slippers. They feel so good. They last a long time too. You can get an elephant – that is a tough material yet it’s tough as well. It’s made for any kind of rough treatment.”

Dewbre said, “You can get things like stingray. Like a stingray from the ocean is nearly indestructible. We have skins that we show people us scraping with a knife and you can’t scar it hardly at all.”

But of course, western wear doesn’t stop below the knee.

CW33’s Landon Wexler sat down with Wild Bill for a boot fitting. See the full story above!

“The materials of the hat make the difference if you get a wool hat, it works well. But if you get a beaver hat where it’s made of beaver, rabbit or pure beaver it’s a better hat. It repels the moisture, we have to use more steam. But once it shapes, it holds its shape and holds its form,” Dewbre said.

“Why do you steam hats, I say it helps the hat relax like you’re having a couple drinks. You’ll be more pliable. We’ll steam the hat and then we’ll be able to shape it and style it,” Dewbre said. “Some people say I want my hat to look like Garth Brooks, I want mine to look like George Strait. I want Kenny Chesney. We’ll shape that hat to your personality. That’s what the steam is for – it lets us do that.”

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