FORT WORTH (KDAF) — So, speakeasies are not really a secret anymore. In fact, this new bar concept is all the rage these days.

There’s only one spot in Fort Worth, where a piece of candy and a bag of chips can potentially get you into one of the coolest bars in the city. I took a trip down to Fort Worth to find out exactly how to do it.

Chas Taipale is the owner and operator of Bodega West 7th, located at 2921 Morton St in Fort Worth. This club is an unassuming corner store at first glance; however, upon further inspection, you are transported into one of North Texas’ most lively clubs.

“My business partner and I saw a lack of convenience down here. So with that being said, we wanted to bring something that would give people convenience for shopping, their everyday goods, toilet paper, toothpaste, drinks, and snacks. We always knew we wanted to open the bar. So with the speakeasy kind of behind, it was just a fun way to bring it to life,” Chas said.

We know what you’re thinking, ‘A popular speakeasy? Isn’t that kind of an oxymoron?’ Yes, but that is kind of the draw with nightclubs nowadays. Harkening back to prohibition, there is something almost enticing about secrecy.

“Back in the day, it was a secret. Now everybody wants to know about it. So the more speakeasy secretive it is, the more popular seems to get traction. So that’s kind of fun here, and we have fun with it,” Chas said.

How do you get inside this club? Well, the bodega is an actual operating store. If you don’t want to club but do need a midnight snack, you are more than welcome to shop at the bodega. Buying something does get you entrance into the club behind though.

“The overall atmosphere is kind of unique. It changes throughout the week. Monday we do karaoke. Tuesday is a more laid-back, service industry kind of night. Wednesday, we do karaoke again. Thursday night starts ramping up for the big party, so you’ll have more of a club atmosphere in here. Friday is a straight club atmosphere,” Chas said. “Sunday, we kind of have watched parties during the day for sports.”

To learn more about Bodega West 7th, click here.