DALLAS (KDAF) — Today we are talking about a super app. What is that? We are not so certain, so we are learning together with James Ponce with Vezbi Super App.

Vezbi Super App is a community-driven app. What that means is that most apps have omni features on them, things that come included with the app when you download it.

“Our pride is that we’re a micro app. It’s big with restaurants, food trucks, if you have like a small store or a big store. What you do is you kind of put your own app within our app, and we utilize that. Our features on there are kind of based on everyday life,” James Ponce with Vezbi said.

Ponce joined Inside DFW to talk more about the application. Look below or watch the video player above for the full interview.

You can kind of use it to keep people along with weekly goals with your spouse or significant other and stuff. What we love is our social media aspect of it. So we kind of combined a little bit of a world that you’re used to with Nextdoor and Yelp and everything’s kind of together. The biggest thing that we like is that it’s not algorithm-based. Everything’s not shoved to you. You have your own kind of way to make your own community and join a community. You don’t have to be forced to watch something you don’t want to watch. Which means there are not a lot of advertisers that are forcing their kind of their voice on you.

Does this mean that we delete Instagram and Facebook and Twitter and we just use this app?

No, you keep your Instagram, keep your Twitter, keep all that stuff. Hopefully, you’ll use that stuff. But that’s the kind of the best case scenario is that you can do your banking on it, you can manage your own restaurant. We’re big with restaurants right now. Because you can have your own restaurant as a micro app. The idea is to make it easier for anyone that uses an app. It’s not so driven to where it’s trending. You don’t have to go on there and do a funny dance or anything like that. Just push your community that you have striving forward. Hopefully that’ll get you more revenue views, whatever your choice is.

I know that there’s a nonprofit component. Talk to me about that nonprofit component.

Right now, instead of doing a contest or something that we can get people in or a marketing ploy, we wanted to give back. We’re actually choosing 50 to 100 nonprofits and donating around $100,000 or $1 million worth of stock grants to them. The initiative is that we want to give back. We’re not asking for anything, we don’t charge you. Usually, when an app is free, you’re the product. We thought the best marketing ploy, the best idea would be to reach out to nonprofits and then have them come in and let us know what they’re doing.

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