INTUIT SPONSORED CONTENT — It’s interesting that of all the things we’re taught in school, sometimes finances aren’t even mentioned at all. Across classrooms, there is a growing need for financial education.

Intuit and the Suh Family Foundation are making a play to help. Joining us today to discuss is David Zasada with Intuit and Ndamukong Suh, engineer and Super Bowl champion.

Children today are not graduating high school, financially literate, you might be surprised to hear that only 25% of kids are required to take a personal finance course before they graduate high school. That percentage is significantly lower for kids who are in lower-income communities.

The vast majority of students are going to walk across that graduation stage, without having any understanding of how to budget, how to save how to manage credit, and all this happening at a time that they’re about to start making some pretty serious life decisions.

The partnership between Intuit and the Suh Family Foundation was really created based off of being able to fill that gap and really being able to have an opportunity to create these amazing workshops.

We wanted to come together to be a part of these students’ lives and educate them on all these particular tools that they’re going to need for finances in the world, that they’re going to be very prevalent for a very long time.