DALLAS(KDAF)—A restaurant that explodes your taste buds with sweet flavors is owned by Kham Phommahaxays and his wife Yim Phommahaxays.

Yim is a marketing graduate, while Kham is a culinary graduate. However, both are fans of fine food and have taken McKinney by storm.

The couple recently opened a Japanese-style ice cream spot, Miruku Creamery + Cafe. The ice cream heart of downtown, the name Mirukiu the name Miruku is derived from the Japanese word for ‘milk’, and their ice creams are made with simple, organic ingredients.

Since opening their doors, Kham and Yim have seen their business take off like a rocket. Everyone loves Miruku Creamery + Cafe’s unique flavors, and the couple is thrilled with their business success.

To satisfy your sweet tooth, mention CW33 at the shop and receive a free topping.