DALLAS (KDAF) — Do you like eating peaches? If you do, there may be a simpler way to enjoy your favorite fruit.

Social media is known for coming up with fun ‘hacks’ or shortcuts to accomplishing easy tasks. One such task involves pliers and a peach. According to social media users, you can use pliers to remove a peach without having to cut the peach open.

So, is this actually true? Inside DFW Host Jenny Anchondo pulled out multiple different kinds of pliers to test it out. Watch the video player above to see the full test video.

The reveal: yes it totally works. Jenny found that needle nose pliers work the best as they are able to reach into the peach and get the pit.

Is it much quicker and less labor-intensive to cut the peach in half and scoop the peach out? We’ll leave that one up to you.