DALLAS (KDAF) — Texas country musician Randy Rogers chats with Jenny Anchondo about the band’s upcoming gig at iconic Fort Worth venue Billy Bob’s.

Billy Bob’s has long been a staple in the music industry — if you take a look at the handprints Wall of Fame, you’ll see music legends like Garth Brooks, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Ringo Starr who have graced the Billy Bob’s stage. The Randy Rogers Band will make a two-night at the venue on Nov. 24 and 25, 2023.

“I grew up in the metroplex, in Cleburne,” Rogers said. “I was told from a very young age that if you want to make it in the music industry, you have to play at Billy Bob’s. It was always a dream of mine to play there. Now, after 23 years of being on the road, I’ve obviously been on stage quite a few times now at Billy Bob’s.”

The Texas-native Randy Rogers Band has nine studio albums in their 20+ years together, including their most recent release HOMECOMING in 2022.

“I love being on the road,” Rogers said. “This morning I got up, I took the kids to school, and got on the tour bus — and I was excited to get on the bus. It’s still fun…I’m still happy to be out here doing what I love to do.”

The band is currently on the road through the rest of the year, with stops throughout Texas.