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DALLAS (KDAF) — If you love the club but hate the hangovers, there’s a new gym in Dallas that may be perfect for you.

There are only two locations in the U.S. — and we got the chance to tour the one right here in North Texas.

“We have a saying here that boring gyms suck so we tried to make it a great fitness atmosphere and make sure that you’re not bored as well,” said club manager Alex Knies.

As soon as you walk into John Reed Dallas on 8335 Westchester Dr., you’ll notice what Knies calls the cyborgs.

John Reed

“They are custom made for this and it’s really just a great centerpiece here for our lounge area, which you can come in, get your pre-workout, let it kick in, get relaxed before you hit your workout,” he said.

“When you get past our lounge area we’re going to have a pretty extensive cardio deck, it’s going to have some pretty unique pieces to it,” Knies said. “You can tap into your Netflix, Hulu whatever you like while you’re on the treadmills.”

John Reed

John Reed also has a sizeable functional area, where its signature Boost Club takes place. The gym’s trainers and DJs take members through a HIIT-style, high-energy class during Boost Club.

Knies said all of the equipment in the gym is Gym80, which is specific to John Reed North America.

“Each one of these is built to the specific location so it’s not like we picked it out of a catalog,” he said. “So the colors, the way they function it’s all specific for here.”

“The big thing about John Reed is that we’re very much on our vibe so when you come here we want you to have a good time, get a great workout and not be bored,” said Knies.

John Reed

John Reed brings in DJs five times a week, but Kneis said all of its music is curated in-house even when there’s not one.

“We partner with a lot of local DJs here and they come in and spin records here based on how the vibe is in the gym at the time,” he said.

One of the most eye-catching things about this Europe-based gym is the floors.

“We are obviously big on our art here, it’s a big part of what we do on our design element and so we actually partnered with 10 Texas-based artists and they came in and we just told them, ‘Do your interpretation of paradise,'” Knies said.

“Do you feel like you’re in paradise here?”

“Absolutely, you don’t?”

Next stop: the group exercise room.

Knies said, “We have a lot of boutique-style classes and what that means is that they aren’t just the basic format, they’re catered to the individual workout and environment that’s going on there. We have strength-based classes, kettlebell, yoga, Pilates, cardio kickboxing, just a lot of phenomenal classes that you may not find in a lot of other places.”

On the strength floor, you will find an extensive line of free weights. There’s also a stretching area with soft floors, a cycle studio and “Rack City”, which has multiple squat racks.

John Reed

John Reed opened in 2016 over in Germany and has been expanding ever since. “There’s 42 of them, located in Prague, Istanbul, Budapest, we have one in London… and then in 20202 we opened the first one in Los Angeles and it was well-received, they did a great job there, and then we brought it to Dallas,” Knies said.

If you want to sign up you can do a month-to-month membership or a 12-month commitment.

More information on the membership can be found here.