DALLAS (KDAF) — There’s a growing skateboarding community in Dallas, and the 4DWN Project is educating and uplifting young skaters, so they can become some of the most engaged community members of their time.

This is where skating and sustainability meet, welcome to the 4DWN Project.

“We are a service-driven organization that’s rooted in skateboarding, which means to say that we’re really driven towards taking action, ingenuity and we’re naturally inclusive. We’re really here for our kids, our families, our community and our environment, all at the same time. It turns out, we can make quite an impact while having fun around here. It’s sort of a contagious thing,” Rob Cahill, founder of the 4DWN Project said.

Rob Cahill started the 4DWN Project to fill a need. He wanted to create a safe space for skaters. Today, the project has blossomed.

4DWN Project is a volunteer-fueled charitable organization rooted in skateboarding whose mission is fostering growth & opportunity for youth and the Dallas community.

“We’re about seven years deep in this thing. We started off asking the question, ‘What can we do for skating?’ Me and my partner and my friends all greatly benefited from skateboarding. It opened up our world. Then we started asking, ‘What can we do for skaters in terms of creating upper mobility and opportunities for skaters,'” Rob said.

All of their programs are free and they teach a variety of topics, from recreational skating to education to environmental conservation.

Officials say they are always looking for ways to encourage conservation including through innovation, as they are building the world’s first and only vert ramp vertical farm.

What better way to symbolize the project’s synergetic relationship between skateboarding and sustainability?

“This farm here is going to be able to cultivate not only great food and 90% less water than us outside, we’re actually going to be cultivating certified farmers in the process of creating careers, creating sustainable careers. People are getting involved and doing healthy things. Meanwhile, the kids are going to be here learning about it,” Rob said.

That’s not the only thing officials have built. They have a 40-foot-long cold storage container that acts as a resource for local farmers to store their food but food in the container can also be distributed across South Dallas to avert food waste.

Anyone who comes to the 4DWN project gets something to eat or drink for free no questions asked.

It really takes drive, ingenuity, and compassion to really make a lasting impact in your community.

Learn more about the 4DWN Project, by clicking here.