DALLAS (KDAF) — To those who love tequila for what it brings outside the world of margaritas, you sip it like a fine wine.

Inside DFW is taking a shot at some true agave appreciation at one of Dallas’ best Mezcalerias. Around Las Almas Rotas, agave is a passion project and they’re on a mission to not only provide the best mezcal and tequila in the area but to also educate their neighbors along with way.

Most of the more than 300 individual bottles behind the bar at Las Almas Rotas are mezcal and of course, tequila.

“Size in this case really doesn’t matter as much as the quality of the spirits that are on the back bar. We could have many more if we didn’t have a program that basically looks into the producers themselves into the practices and into the brand’s practices,” co-owner Shad Kvetko said.

Their food has an unpretentious take on classic Mexican street food, the cocktails they serve aim to bridge the gap for those who want to try and get into tequila, and much more.