DALLAS (KDAF) — Curious about the art of grilling the perfect steak? Or how about the best Dallas spot to get one?

Meet Charlie, the master chef at Ocean Prime in uptown Dallas. In a tantalizing exploration, he reveals the steak secrets that set Ocean Prime apart.

From seasoning with a generous salt and pepper rub to using a blended oil for that ideal crust, it is all done at Uptown’s luxury restaurant Ocean Prime.

Cooking in a blazing 1000-degree broiler ensures a quick sear while maintaining the desired internal temperature. Remember, minimal touch and patience are key for that mouthwatering crust.

“One of the keys to cooking steaks, especially when you first put it in, is to not touch it too much. If you touch it too much, or move it too much, the crust isn’t gonna get nice and thick, it’s gonna get kind of thin and black and a little bit greasy, which is not really what we’re looking for. So we want to kind of let it do its thing. Trust that the broiler is taking care of it or the grill if you’re at home and check back in a couple of minutes,” Charlie said.

As the steaks rest, Charlie brings on the sophistication with clarified butter finishes and sides like twice-baked potatoes, lobster mac and cheese, and grilled asparagus.

At Ocean Prime, it’s all about blending classic steakhouse flavors with a modern twist for an elevated dining experience.

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