DALLAS (KDAF) — During Black History Month, we focused on the lack of access to Black physicians and the current pay disparity that exists.

Inside DFW interviewed Dr. James Pinckney, Founder and CEO of Diamond Health, which is a membership-based concierge medicine family practice.

Dr. James is a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician who has also been a medical TV host on the national television program Chasing the Cure Live with Ann Curry.

We focused on the lack of providers and how that can decrease patient compliance, awareness, and education for disease prevention. We also spoke about how these factors impact health outcomes for minority communities.

Here’s the why behind the focus of this interview:

A UCLA study finds that the proportion of physicians who are Black in the U.S. has increased by only 4 percentage points over the past 120 years. Additionally, the share of doctors who are Black men remains unchanged since 1940.

Be sure to watch the video player above for the full interview and for more from Diamond Health, click here!