DALLAS(KDAF)— POPSTARZ is an adult-only, hour-long dance class created by Michael Frazier. Michael grew up always wanting to be a pop star.

Studying pop music videos at the time, he taught his friends how to do the dances. In no time, Popstarz was born! He started teaching dance, moved to Dallas, and started Popstarz!

Frazier is a great dance teacher, offering a single dance broken into two parts. In week one, Frazier teaches the first part of the dance. He moves at a medium pace, enabling all levels of dancers to follow along. In week two, Frazier teaches the second part of the dance.

He continues to teach at the same medium speed, allowing beginner and experienced dancers alike to participate and enjoy the dance.

By teaching at a medium speed, Frazier ensures that all of his students can keep up, and have fun doing so. It’s made to be a fun environment performed in front of peers but no pressure to be perfect.