DALLAS (KDAF) — Pigs make for adorable, cuddly and affectionate pets – they even love belly rubs. But they require work, enough space and knowledge!

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CW33’s Landon Wexler visited Melanie Moreau, founder of ‘My Pig Filled Life,’ a pig rescue and adoption center, looking to find loving homes for each one.

On the My Pig Filled Life property in Wills Point, which has been turned into a pig sanctuary, Melanie takes care of over 290 pigs (she’s able to remember each one of their names). Each pig is its own unique size, shape and breed.

Many of the pigs Moreau has taken in had been surrendered by their previous owners. According to the North American Potbellied Pig Association, about 90 percent of adopted pigs in the U.S. are later surrendered.

There are many factors to consider before adopting a pig. One being that they grow fast and need land to graze on. A “mini-pig” is a classification for any pig under 300 lbs.

You’ll also want to check your local laws and regulations – owning a domestic pig is legal in some metroplex cities and illegal in others.

Being that Melanie is predominantly taking care of her hundreds of pigs solo, she needs all the help she can get. If you can’t adopt or help her foster pigs, there are a number of ways you can help:

Donate to the My Pig Filled Life expansion project

Volunteer to give attention to and pet the pigs + other farmhand tasks

Donate to her 501(c)3 organization and help fund the rescue