POWER SWABS SPONSORED CONTENT — It’s most people’s desire to have a white, bright smile, but the number of products out there promising a bright smile is exhausting.

That’s why Inside DFW was joined by Scott DeFalco to show us an easy way to look younger, healthier, and more confident through Power Swabs.

“Yes, so who knew we could do it with a bright white smile, forget about the beach muscles. It’s all about the teeth and with Power Swabs, you’re gonna get that bright white smile in less than five minutes. We’re gonna do it without sensitivity, and it works on all dental surfaces, it’s a home run.

It’s a fast two-step process. So when you get the power swabs in the mail, you get about seven stain-out swabs and about seven whitening swabs. All you do is pop the stain out swab open first, and rub it on your teeth for only two minutes. And over that two minutes, we actually remove the stains, but we also hydrate our enamel. That’s the key to no sensitivity. And what I feel is the biggest advantage of this product because the biggest complaint people have about using the strips and the trays is that they hurt too much. So you do that for two minutes then we pop open the whitening swab, another two minutes, and I am done. After the very first use in less than five minutes, you’re gonna get on average two shades whiter. You’re only going to repeat that process once a day for seven days and get six shades whiter.

This is our biggest New Year’s discount ever, we’re giving you 50% off plus free shipping and more. Use this after your morning coffee or maybe that happy hour red wine to keep your teeth bright and white throughout the day. The best part is that it’s free and the only way to get that special is to call the one 800 number: 1-800-714-5947.”