DALLAS(KDAF)—There is nothing more special than a dog who is more than just a pet; he is the spirit and biggest fan of an entire baseball team.

Brooks is the Frisco Rough Riders team dog and Chief Morale Officer. He was originally trained as a puppy to be a guide dog for the blind, but due to certain circumstances, he found the love of baseball, and the Rough Riders adopted him.

His trainer, Tom Baker, has done a great job over the years in helping him to become a part of the team.

Brooks is always up for a game and loves to interact with the crowd. He often wears his collar and greets fans with his signature “woof-woof” and hand-shakes.

He is a great addition to the team and always puts a smile on the fans’ faces. Brooks is a great example of how being a part of something bigger than yourself can be a great thing. He has brought so much joy to the team and the fans, and it’s an honor to have him be a part of the Rough Riders.

Baker said you can visit Brooks every 4th inning of every home game on Saturdays, and after every home game, you can watch him run the bases.