BOURBON BLONDE BLOG SPONSORED CONTENT — Let’s ring in the New Year! Lifestyle Expert Megan Thomas Head is here with a few products to help us feel our best in 2023.

Clausthaler Non-Alcoholic Beer

In honor of Dry January, we have Clausthaler…an award-winning non-alcoholic beer that tastes so good you won’t even realize it’s alcohol free. 

Minute Brown Rice & Quinoa Cups

Minute Rice’s Brown Rice & Quinoa Cups are the perfect blend of 100% whole grains. Ready in 60 seconds, they are a delicious option for a quick and easy meal. Learn more at

Wonderful Pistachios

Wonderful Pistachios is America’s number one snack nut and are one of the only snack nuts that are a complete and good source of protein. To learn more, visit

Atkins Protein Chips

Atkins Protein Chips offer a savory, flavorful experience that swap out carbs with protein and fiber. Everything you crave in a bag of chips with 13g of protein, 4g of net carbs and 4g of fiber. Visit for more information.

Weight loss meals to your door

Personal Trainer Food delivers delicious pre-cooked and flash frozen meals right to your door. All you do is heat and eat, and you’ll lose weight.