DALLAS (KDAF) — There is probably a coffee shop on every corner of the DFW metroplex, but I strive to find the unique aspect of each one.

If you are new to North Texas, you may have heard of La La Land before even trying this Dallas-based ‘kind cafe’, through TikTok.

That’s right TikTok. La La Land has gained a ton of social media fame through its drive-by kindness videos, where employees drive throughout downtown Dallas, and other locations, and give random strangers compliments. They are feel-good videos that everybody loves.

La La Land even has more TikTok followers than Starbucks and Dunkin’ combined, no small feat considering they are the two largest coffee companies in the country.

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So what really is La La Land’s secret sauce, or in coffee terminology creamer?

“La La Land is basically a place to go from all the chaos in the world,” Patrick Murphy, general manager of La La Land’s Oak Lawn Avenue Location, said. “We wanted to provide a happy environment every day that people can come to and feel warm and welcome. Kindness is at our core.”

That’s right. This shop prides itself on kindness. In a world that seems filled with division, La La Land provides a space that hopes to unify people.

You know you’re in for a good day if it starts out well which is why staff dedicate themselves to making you feel special.

“Normalize kindness is our motto. We want to give out genuine compliments to make peoples’ days, the smallest compliment can genuinely make someone’s day a whole lot better,” Patrick said.

Do you know what else makes someone’s day? Good coffee and great food, which is in no shortage of supply at La La Land.

“The favorite drinks here are the lavender blue latte, my personal favorite, and the La La Latte. But we offer avocado toast. Our sweet and savory toasts are really popular. If you haven’t tried it, you should,” Patrick.

If you need a visual representation of the quality that you can expect from La La Land, might we direct your attention below:

We rest our case…

Of course, no present is complete without a cute bow and speaking of cute, the interior design of each location is an Instagram influencer’s dream. With gorgeous lighting, decor, bright colors and cute brand design, your experience really is elevated when you step foot inside a La La Land location.

Make sure to take a picture with the yellow truck outside.

La La Land also has a foster youth program where foster youth can enroll in an 8-week internship program. In that program, youth can learn what they are passionate about and what career fields they want to go in.

During that program, they learn:

  1. Life skills 
  2. On-the-job training
  3. Customer service training
  4. Mentorship

Learn more about their program by clicking here.

They have just opened two new locations in North Texas recently, including one in North Park Mall! You can find more information about this local chain by clicking here.