THINKPAD SPONSORED CONTENT — As ThinkPad turns 30, Lenovo did some research into the state of thinking with some interesting results on how we think and how we can use technology to help us.

Carter Kersh, Lenovo’s executive director of commercial marketing, guides us through the findings.

As ThinkPad, turned 30, we wanted to do some stuff to celebrate. Rather than just roll out some birthday cakes about the ThinkPad journey authority, he thought this was a phenomenal time to have a moment and have a conversation about thinking, about creating the time to think.

So Lenovo created a research report to dig into the state of thinking, it’s called the Think Report 2022.

There were some really interesting things coming out of it. One of the myths there are increasing pressures on people around working and collaborating.

It’s led to this deep thinking gap. We call people moving into survival thinking. 88% of people say that it is harder to think deeply and critically, when they’re burnt out. So this deep thinking now, is going to create even more problems as we confront really significant issues, like climate change.

No problem has been solved in our entire human history without deep thinking. If people are feeling like they don’t have time to think we face a challenge, because we’re facing some significant challenges that need deep thinking.

The research for us was a way to dig deeper into this, to understand it more, to start this conversation in the world. It also is a good opportunity for us to think about what we need to adapt in terms of how we develop technology and frankly, how we work inside of Lenovo.

This is a conversation we are prepared to come back to every year because we think there are going to be some really interesting longitudinal trends. We found fascinating things around the world in terms of how people think differently, and when they think best. We found things about people really being aware of their lack of time that they have to think. We also saw really interesting things in terms of people being prepared to think of technology not as the thing which is making it hard to think. But is technology able to be very intentional and purposeful in creating time for them to think and focus?

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