NATURAL BALANCE PET FOODS SPONSORED CONTENT — If you have a dog, you can probably remember a time when suddenly they started barking at the television. Now, for the first time ever, a pet food company is designing its commercials to appeal to dogs.

They’re hoping it will get their tails wagging and mouths watering. Joining us is the mastermind of this campaign John Sturm of Natural Balance Pet Foods.

What made you decide to take this unusual approach?

It started with our corporate philosophy. Natural Balance is a super premium pet food brand, and our mission is to keep pets first in everything that we do.

When we really thought about that, we looked at TV advertising for pet food, we don’t think they’re always pet first. A lot of times, pet food commercials are designed for people to appeal to their sense of appetite or to what they think is good.

Our advertising is actually designed for cats and dogs to view it, not people.

So how did you go about doing it?

We went out and talked to pet behavioral scientists, and they explained to us the differences between cats and dogs. Then we actually brought in a group of dogs and a group of cats and conducted focus groups, and we actually let them look at video and audio. They decided what would go into the commercials.