DALLAS (KDAF) — Miss Teen USA 2010 is all grown up and making her mark as a TV host of one of the most creative reality shows yet. A first-of-its-kind dating show is back after a hiatus for a new season. Are You The One? is put out by MTV Networks for Paramount Plus and it is nothing short of drama-filled entertainment.

Inside DFW got the chance to chat with host Kamie Crawford for Are You The One?’s first time going global and more about the hit reality show.

Some people are saying this is the most ambitious dating experiment ever attempted. For people who haven’t seen the show, what can they expect?

It’s the first global season of Are You The One? and it’s my first time hosting it. So I’m so excited. But basically, there are 22 singles from across the globe who are coming into a villa, and renowned matchmakers and experts have figured out who their perfect matches are in the house. So there are 11 Perfect Match couples. And their job is to find each other. And if they find each other through a series of dates, and you know, drama and challenges and things like that, then they can end up winning true love and a million dollars, which is amazing, and sounds really, really nice, obviously. But if they don’t step outside the box, if they don’t get to know each other, if they don’t really, you know, tap into what they really need in a partner versus what they normally go for, then they can lose $250,000 every single week, and it is devastating, it’s a devastating loss. It’s hard for me as the host, because I also don’t know who the perfect match couples are. I’m playing along just with everyone else. So it’s ambitious because you’re dating people all over the world. And you know, you really have to try to make those relationships work. But our cast is open and down and excited about the opportunity.

This is also the first sexually fluid reality dating competition show in the US; talk about how that went for the contestants.

The last season of the show, you know, they took a brief hiatus with the last season of the show was the first sexually fluid season and it was really exciting, because, you know, people are able to date whoever they want. And I love that. This season. It’s pretty much all binary couples. But at the same time, I’m excited for future seasons of the show, which hopefully will be more inclusive and more diverse. We’re always pushing for more diversity, which is really exciting. But you know, for this particular cast, being able to date people from all over the world, they have to make those things work and decide like, how are we going to make this work? How are we going to who’s going to travel to where? It’s really exciting to watch them be able to do that. And you know, they’re all excited about it. I’m excited about it too, because hopefully if one of them has an international wedding, then I get to go.

Let’s get real when it comes to reality TV, we know that some of it has to be shot and then reshot and positioned. How much of the show is actually real?

I do my intros with and without the cast so I think that’s the only thing that actually gets shot twice other than that when you see them acting crazy that’s a one-shot thing there are cameras everywhere and you know all throughout the house and in the boom boom room and places where I wish there weren’t cameras because sometimes my eyes I’m like I’ve seen a lot I thought doing catfish that I had seen it all but you know these kids they put me through it a little bit different, but it’s absolutely entertaining and amazing to be able to watch.

The first three episodes of the brand new Season 9 of Are You The One? are available to be streamed on Paramount Plus. New episodes of the show are available every Wednesday as these singles looking to find their perfect match for a shot at love and $1 million.