DALLAS (KDAF) — When it comes to fall, those warm tone plants and flowers will make your home stand out!

‘The Dallas Farmers Market location of Ruibal’s is a perfect way to get in all the fall feels. They currently have a large pumpkin display with photo opportunities for the whole family. ‘

When visiting this location, you’ll probably notice new plants being put out each season. That’s because Ruibal’s will tailor their inventory to the season we are in so that whatever you buy for your home will last through the current weather!

Co-Owner, Mark Ruibal, explained some of the plants that will last throughout the fall and winter months.

Shrubs and trees are great to plant during the fall, pansies, garden mums, snap dragons and rosemary cones are just some of the perfect planting options to get your green thumb on this season.

For locations and more, visit their website.