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FORT WORTH (KDAF) — In 2022, rage rooms are all the rage. In Fort Worth and Arlington, at The Secret Chambers Rage Room, they’ve strapped theirs with bats, crowbars and everything you could ever want to smash. A whole lot more goes into it than what you might expect.

“Ah, yes, we do. so, before we started the rage room here, we did a lot of research into what the rage room experience was like at other locations. We didn’t invent, right? But I’d like to think we perfected it. We took very good care and caution in researching every piece of safety equipment. The headphones that are built into the helmets with a shatterproof guard with safety glasses, safety gloves, containing safety gloves,” Adrian Santiago, Secret Chambers employee, said.

Inside the rooms, ragers unleash the beast on printers, TVs and more – all recyclables the folks at The Secret Chambers collected.

“Take a look at our printers especially. The printers are kind of an iconic item to the rage room experience. when you start describing the process of people, people think of the 90s movie office space which was made here in DFW. There’s a scene of four guys in suits just taking a baseball bat to a printer in the field,” Santiago said.

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