DALLAS (KDAF) — Aliens, UFOs, and extraterrestrial life is one of the great mysteries and conspiracy-filled topics mankind has discussed for thousands of years. Talks have gone from the kitchen table to all the way into the Pentagon about aliens and UFOs in the U.S.

Now, Discovery+ is bringing you Alien Endgame, it’s been available to stream since May 20 on the platform and will help continue all those conversations about UFOs and alien life. Alien Endgame is a two-hour documentary that hosts former members of the military who are breaking their silence about the close encounters they’ve faced.

The Travel Channel says, “For decades, the U.S. government has largely ignored reports of mysterious flying objects observed by our military. But now, after years of speculation, government insider Rich Emberlin is finally investigating the truth. As a 30-year law enforcement veteran who has worked with the CIA and FBI, Emberlin believes we are in the midst of a massive military cover-up and that the stakes are at the highest level.”

Of course, Inside DFW’s Jenny Anchondo had to sit down with Rich Emberlin to discuss the documentary, aliens and beyond. The doc also stars Melissa Tittl, Michio Kaku, Jeremy D. McGowan, Marion Woods and Roderick Martin.

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Here’s another snippet about the show from Discovery+, “In 2021, a Pentagon report revealed what the US government had denied for decades — UFOs are real and may even pose a threat to our planet. Now, ex-military members break their silence about the massive cover-up. Are we prepared for an alien invasion?”