DALLAS (KDAF) — Are you looking to add more thrills to your life, but don’t want to leave North Texas?

Well, we may have just found your next adventure. How does a seven-stories tall, 40-foot first drop, 360-degree horizontal loop going at 35 mph and hitting three G’s sound? If you’re in, you’ll need to head to Epic Waters in Grand Prairie, and fast!

Their all-new Locura slide will give you hair-raising fun, and it’s open now.

Inside DFW got the chance to check it out and catch up with Michael Wampler, Director of Sales and Marketing to learn all about it.

“It starts off seven stories tall, 70 feet. And the very first thing that guest experiences is a 40-foot vertical launch drop. They go into a 360-degree horizontal loop, they’re going to be reaching speeds of upwards of 35 miles an hour, almost three G’s. And that means three times your body weight while you’re going through the loop. And then of course, you go flying down into a long run out with a big splash at the end for all your friends to see what kind of hero you are,” Wampler said.