DALLAS (KDAF) — The State Fair of Texas is in full swing, and if you need a break from all your fried foods and amazing drinks, here is a show that you’re going to want to check out on your next rest stop.

It’s called Alléz Oops and it’s not your average circus show. With a smaller, more intimate size, this show is the brainchild of husband and wife duo Rob and Miss Jane.

“We are Alléz Oops. We are a premier circus balancing show. We balanced on objects. We balance objects on top of objects. And because we’re married, we have to balance our marriage as well. But expect excitement, expect surprises, expect something that you’ve never seen before,” Rob of Alléz Oops said. “I mean, here’s a little secret. There’s going to be a grown woman walking on 750 milliliter, real wine bottles made of glass. I mean, where else can you see it other than here at the State Fair of Texas?”

Of course, there are tons of things to look forward to at the fair. Maybe you are a rides person. Maybe you are a food person. However, for this duo, one of the things they look forward to is the people.

“I would love to see all families from Texas take their children, take their friends, take all the relatives and come and spend time together with us. Enjoy laughs. Enjoy surprises. And just enjoy the good great show,” Miss Jane of Alléz Oops said.

Their power isn’t limited to just them though. They taught CW33 reporter Stephanie Mendez how to walk on glass bottles all by herself. Watch the video player above for her full lesson from Alléz Oops.

The fair is still ongoing; however, the fun will not last forever. You have until Oct. 23 to witness the fair and Alléz Oops, so make sure to make a trip down to Fair Park before then.

For more information about Alléz Oops visit robmissjane.com/allezoop.