UNITED HEALTHCARE SPONSORED CONTENT — Finding the right health coverage for your family’s specific needs can be overwhelming. It can be confusing.

Claudia Amaya, regional vice president for United HealthCare is joining us now to talk about everything from low-cost prescriptions and no-cost access to fitness classes to managing chronic conditions and searching for a doctor.

Individual and family plans are offered in the health insurance marketplaces or most individuals recognize it as “the exchanges.” In this platform, individuals, families and small businesses can actually shop around and enroll in affordable health insurance.

Almost anybody that does not have health insurance through their job, Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP, or any other source, they can actually get coverage through an individual family plan on the marketplace. They must be living in the US, and are a resident or a citizen to qualify.

There are a couple of ways that can make your coverage more affordable.

Premium tax credits

Individuals can qualify for premium tax credits. What this means is that it lowers the monthly premium. So according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, last year, 89% of consumers experienced a reduction in premiums and the average subsidy was around $505.

Cost sharing subsidies

On top of that individuals can also qualify for cost-sharing subsidies, which help with out-of-pocket expenses, like visits to the doctor or the ER. The amount of subsidy that an individual qualifies for depends on the family size and income.