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DALLAS (KDAF) — If you’ve been to a Rangers game or event here at Globe Life Field, you’ve likely fallen in love with the bright lights, retractable roof and of course, the air conditioning. Did you know you can get a behind-the-scenes tour with yourself and your friends on your own?

We wanted to give you a feel for the ballpark tour. What better way than to take us on one.

“I love that it’s new but we brought in so much history. 50 years is a lot of time, a lot of cool baseball stuff to bring in here,” Valerie McCourt, Globe Life Field tour guide, said.

This is only the second full season the Rangers have played in this brand new state-of-the-art facility. Valerie showed us the people behind the new venue and paid homage to their former home across the way and the city they’ve resided in for 50 years, Arlington.

“We’ve really celebrated that throughout but we’ve got this awesome new stadium. We’ve got the roof, ac, it’s comfortable for our fans and our players too. I love the combination of the new and the old we’ve got in here,” McCourt said.

Rangers fans who’ve been to Globe Life likely agree. The new digs were warmly and comfortably welcomed.

“It’s much more comfortable. Especially those July and August middle of the day games when it’s so hot and you’re sitting in the sun. To not have to worry about sunburn or getting heat exhaustion is really fantastic. All courtesy of that big beast of a retractable roof,” McCourt said.

All thanks to that big beast of a retractable roof.

“It’s a single panel retractable roof that does move from east to west. If you came to a game and it’s open – that’s the way it would move and they’d close it at the end of the game. The roof not only made it so we can have heating and cooling in here with the roof closed. We can heat and cool in here. It also made us a year-round event facility so we can host all throughout the year, instead of just baseball season,” McCourt said.

Under that heat-relieving roof is their modern take on their half-century of Texan tradition.

“We designed it to have open concourses. so this concourse and our main concourse open to the seating bowl so when you come down to get your hotdog and dr pepper, you can still see what’s going on in the game or the concert,” McCourt said.

Aside from their standard ballpark seats, fans have several incredibly unique options. Those touring get to see the Lexus club, behind home plate.

We took the elevator up to visit Chuck Morgan’s booth and office. He’s called more consecutive baseball games than the voice of any other major league baseball team, while calling over 3,000 games during his career.

Then we made our way to a hidden gem of the stadium.

“This is part of us paying tribute to Arlington’s history. In an area about 10 mins west of here, was an area that became known as the district around the prohibition. Of course, gambling, liquor, illegal at the time,” McCourt said.

Honoring a former speakeasy in Arlington’s earlier days called Top of Hill Terrace. And, of course, no tour is complete without getting to walk on the field itself.

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