DALLAS (KDAF) — After a long day, the last thing I want to do is start cooking. For a million reasons, meal prepping ahead of time can save you time, energy and frustration.

CW33’s Landon Wexler has made cooking up a week’s worth of meals a part of his Sunday routine ahead of the work week and wants to share his tips!

You can typically find the following ingredients at your local grocery stores including Sprouts, Tom Thumb, Aldi, Kroger and more. I highly recommend purchasing your produce from a grocery store rather than a big box store.


  • 3 lbs. of chicken thighs
  • 1 lb. of cherry tomatoes
  • 2 zucchinis
  • 2 bell peppers
  • Dijon mustard
  • 2 lemons
  • Olive oil
  • jarred Kalamata olives
  • 1 head of garlic
  • 1 bunch of green onions
  • 1 bunch of parsley
  • Oregano (fresh or flakes)
  • 2 purple onions
  • 1 lb. of feta cheese
  • Ricotta cheese
  • salt
  • pepper
  • red pepper flakes
  • garlic powder

Cooking instructions:

  1. Preheat oven to 425° F
  2. Allow chicken to rise to room temperature on the countertop (prepares meat to cook evenly through). Season with plenty of salt, pepper, garlic powder and oregano
  3. Chop and prepare ‘mis en place’ (n. French): ingredients and equipment gathered and prepared for cooking
  4. Assemble the incredibly simple chicken marinade: olive oil, lemon juice and Dijon mustard
  5. Throw chicken in marinade
  6. We’re going to char our veggies, so we’re not going to use oil here. Start with onion. Move to zucchini. Let each slice lay flat to allow for great color. Move onto tomatoes. Have a ‘landing zone’ (a sheet tray or casserole dish) ready for your cooked veggies
  7. While your veggies cook, assemble your absolutely DELICIOUS cheese mixture. In a medium size bowl, olives, feta cheese, lemon juice, ricotta cheese and green onions.
  8. Nestle chicken onto sheet tray with veggies
  9. Throw sheet trays into 425° F oven
  10. Place containers into the oven for 30 minutes – or until chicken internal temperature is 165° F
  11. Add cheese mixture on top of the chicken and veggies. Place back into the oven for 15 minutes – or until the top of the cheese begins to look golden brown
  12. Let cool and you have yourself your gourmet meals for the week!

Follow @landonwexler on Instagram for more play-by-play on meal prepping. More meal prep from Lean Meals with Landon on CW33 coming soon!