DALLAS (KDAF) — All moms and leaders of families, we’re setting aside some time for you today, as we talked about health and wellness, Desi Bartlett is a yoga guru and health and wellness expert who has worked with many top celebrities.

She also just came out with the book, Total Body Beautiful.

Well, let’s talk about this topic about you know, moms putting themselves first everybody says it, but I don’t totally know how you really do it. But you’re the expert to teach us.

Bartlett explains, “So I think it’s really important to recognize that women are whole beings, body, mind, and heart. So we need to take care of all these different parts of ourselves, for your body, I want you to move every day. And I want you to do it with friends. I think that we’ve learned through the course of the pandemic, how important community is. And when moms can lift one another. We all rise together.

For your mind, I want you to leave little notes all over your house with really, really positive messaging. So that you can see that all day long. So for example, I put the word celebrate all over my house because my son turned 14, I wanted to stay present and not lost in the details and the parties. So simply taking a moment to stay present and mindful and see these messages makes a difference.

And then for your heart. I would love for you to think about creating boundaries. And so it’s moms because we’re already busy, it’s really normal for people to ask us, Hey, can you help us? Do you have half an hour, half a day to come and move everything in my house?

So I feel like it’s really important to be clear with your communication and say upfront, I have half an hour. I would love to help you.”

Jenny said, “Really great advice. I guess I have to find some friends that are awake at five in the morning because that is the fitness chunk of time for me. I need to get some more really early birds to work out with me. I love the idea of working out with friends and just having that community part. Listen, Kate Hudson wrote the foreword for your book, how was it like working with her and other celebrities?”

Bartlett said, “Kate is absolutely amazing. And I worked with her through her third pregnancy with Ronnie rose. She is even more beautiful in person. She’s strong from the inside out, and she shines. And that’s what we want to inspire in women everywhere. And that’s why we wrote this book. Total Body Beautiful. I also want to give another shout-out to another celebrity mom, Ashley Tisdale. She was online yesterday practicing yoga with her baby. I saw it on Instagram, and it warmed my heart. So I’d like to encourage you to take a moment, every morning, close your eyes and go within, and set a clear intention for what you want motherhood to look like.

I’d also like you to speak to your body kindly. So instead of looking at your belly and saying all kinds of mean things, how about, thank you? Thank you for housing, and protecting my baby. Your body is a miracle. You are a miracle. You’re raising the future.”

Be sure to check out desibartlett.com to get a look at Total Body Beautiful and more from this expert.