Carrollton (KDAF) — Chadham Hair Lounge and CO2 Spa is the first of its kind in Texas, offering CO2 treatments that take influence from Korea and Japan. 

If you’re wondering what that treatment entails, we met with Sarah Cha, CEO & Co-Founder at Chadham. 

“CO2 Head Spa is a 60 minute process that focuses on cleaning, detoxifying, and improving the scalp and its elasticity. It helps maintain scalp health, minimizes hair loss and the thinning of hair,” Cha said. 

Korean & Japanese head spas are different than traditional head spas, Cha said. 

“We put our primary focus on the scalp, whereas other head spas are focused on massaging the head. We clean the pores of the scalp of any build up, chemical stains, or damage,” Cha said. 

She explained that ages are welcome and they offer private room for those who are unable to get hair services due to religious or cultural reasons.

“Postpartum women with hair loss have especially been loving it because it is pregnancy and post pregnancy safe, since we do not use any chemicals,” Cha said. 

The spa also offers a variety of other services including cut, color, perms, and 1mm micro-hand braided extensions. 

 Chadham Hair Lounge and CO2 Spa is located at 3709 Old Denton Rd. #108 Carrollton, TX 75007.

You can learn more on Chadam Hair’s Instagram page.