DALLAS (KDAF) — AdvanceYOU wellness and anti-aging clinic is making waves with its cutting-edge approach to health and longevity.

William Moore, the founder of AdvancedYOU, sat down with Jenny Anchondo to discuss metabolic testing and biohacking.

“Metabolic testing is a test that we do with a mask on okay use some symmetry which is where we measure your gases and we do a resting test and we do an exercise test. So during the resting test, we’re going to be able to measure how many carbohydrates you burn versus fats and proteins. We’re going to see your heart capacity because you have a heart monitor on, we’re going to look at your lung capacity and all these things at rest. We’re going to get a very good eye of how your body responds to you and your daily activities so we know what your nutrition should be. ” Moore said.

Moore’s passion extends to the world of biohacking, a trend that is gaining popularity as people strive to live longer, healthier lives. Biohacking utilizes various treatments, including pulsed electromagnetic frequency beds, hyperbaric chambers, oxygen exercises and photobiomodulation.

AdvancedYOU offers a chance to experience these transformative approaches at their grand opening on September 21st in Dallas, promising a healthier, more vibrant life.

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