DALLAS (KDAF) — My roots are very deep in Mexico, I’m always on the hunt to find the best food spots in the DFW area for that authentic flavor, and Tulum on Oak Lawn is taking a twist on those authentic favorites and sending us to one specific tropical destination.

Tulum chef Jose Meza said he came up with this theme from his experience traveling the world.

“Everything started when I was in Mexico City. I found a lot of kitchens. So I went around the world. I went to restaurants in Spain, I went to restaurants in Belgium and Denmark. I was too young and my goal was to learn from the best chefs around the world,” Meza said.

Food is a special thing that really connects people to their culture; a sentiment Meza said was behind his culinary journey.

For Tulum’s founder, he started the restaurant to give North Texans the same feeling he gets whenever he goes to his favorite vacation spot Tulum.

“Tulum was started with a dream from our founder who loves Tulum, one of his favorite spots for vacation for him and his family, and his dream was to build a spot in Dallas that will able to transmit the same feelings and vibes to every guest that we receive in the restaurant,” Meza said.

Though Tulum has roots in Mexico, officials say this restaurant incorporates techniques from different cultures.

“We’re here in Dallas, everything starts from Mexican roots. But from there, we use other techniques. It could be Japanese. It could be French. The idea is that everything that we do around the dishes enhances the experience, and creates new memories, which is our goal for all our guests that come visit the restaurants,” Meza said.

Tulum is located in The Shops of Highland Park on 4216 Oak Lawn Ave, Dallas, TX 75219. Learn more by clicking here.